The Independent Advisor

Financial advice is easy to come by, but finding sound financial advice from an independent advisor is a more difficult task. Not all those who offer financial advice are independent. The financial landscape is changing and now, more than ever, we believe independence should be first on anyone’s list when looking to establish a relationship with a financial professional.

What is an Independent Firm?

We are under no obligation to represent or use specific financial products or instruments produced by any firm. We can provide financial tools to our clients from a broad array of national resources. This means we offer advice, based on your needs, with no inherent conflicts of interest. Advisors who are employed by some of the larger
firms may be required to recommend products by their firm which may not always be the best fit for their clients.

Rigorous Due Diligence and Research

All of the financial resources, products and tools we present to clients are thoroughly researched by our broker/dealer. In addition, we make sure our clients are completely educated and understand any recommendations we may make. Our clients make informed decisions about their money.

A Comprehensive Relationship and Structured Strategy

Firms like ours are relationship oriented not transaction driven. We take the time to understand not only your financial situation but also your values and vision for your future and that of your family. Once we understand who you are and what your goals are, we look at your whole financial picture to see what we need to do to reach
those goals. Only then will we make recommendations on investments, insurance planning, tax and estate planning.
We make sure each piece of our financial strategy is integrated with all the others and aligned with your objectives.

In Good Times and Not so Good Times

Life is not static and the single most important thing a financial firm does is to communicate constantly with you.
Not just when things are good, but especially when things are not so good. We won’t disappear when things get tough.

A Wealth of Independent Relationships

Because we are independent does not mean we are small. As a member of the Tenacity Advisory Group we have relationships with other independent firms across the state.We use Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. as our broker-dealer, one of the leading national independent broker dealers.
Both of these organizations’ integrity toward client
interests matches our own.