Six Key Areas of Financial Concerns & Desires

Throughout our lifetime we have the desire to be financially prepared. Early in our life we begin our careers, marry, raise a family, and dream of our children’s future. In our middle years we begin to experience “empty-nesting” as we send our children off to college or a career of their own. We focus on completing our career and planning for retirement. Eventually in our later years we wish to remain independent in all aspects of life. We are always faced with financial concerns, but your Financial Clarity by Design team is here to help in these six key areas.

Know Your Current Situation

  • Know your current net worth
  • Track your current income and expenses
  • Project future net worth, income and expenses
  • Plan for emergency needs
  • Determine the value of your business

Have Adequate Protection

  • Provide for dependents in case of death
  • Replace earning power if disabled
  • Address health care concerns
  • Provide for potential long-term care costs
  • Protect ability to pay mortgage
  • Protect ability to meet educational goals
  • Plan for business protection

    Plan for Retirement

    • Ensure adequate retirement income
    • Steady stream of income for base monthly expenses
    • Government Benefits
    • Employee benefit plans
    • Personal savings & investments
    • Provide for adequate asset allocation for

    Medical care


    Home Health/ Hospice Services

    Nursing home care

    • Manage pension distribution
    • Use business assets for retirement
    • Project the impact of early retirement or
      late retirement age

    Manage Income Taxes

    • Minimize federal income taxes
    • Minimize state income taxes
    • Analyze how your business affects personal income taxes

    Accumulate Wealth

    • Create a cash reserve
    • Buy a house or vacation home
    • Buy a business or income property
    • Accumulate money for education expenses
    • Save for a special purpose
    • Leave a legacy
    • Manage debt
    • Review investment profile

    Preserve Wealth

    • Minimize excessive estate settlement
      inheritance taxes
    • Continue or transfer ownership of

    Personal assets

    Business assets

    • Use estate planning vehicles