Building Your Business

At Financial Clarity by Design, we know how important it is to spend time ON your business and not just working IN your business. Business owners are busy
people and we would like to help you build your business. We have developed a series of BBT areas that we believe will truly help you as a business owner. Choose the areas you would like to implement in your business and join us!


Your vision is your dream. It is typically a short statement that articulates the beliefs and governing
principles of your business. Your mission statement describes what the business is going to do and
why it’s going to do it. Your vision statement should inspire people to dream. Your mission statement
should inspire them to take action. During this session we will spend time learning more about these
two important statements and also send time drafting your own vision and mission statements
for your business.

Writing a Business Plan

A business plan is an essential road map for business success. This living document often projects
a 1, 3 or 5 year plan for your business. It outlines the steps needed to grow revenues and/or
reduce expenses. During this session we will spend time learning about the most commonaspects
of a business plan and spend time making a preliminary draft of your own road map for success!

Developing a Marketing/PR Plan

How do you market your business? What is your sales strategy? Do you use print, radio, television
advertising? Have you explored social media for your business? Do you find opportunities to
sponsor events or provide community support to build your brand within your community?
During this session we will discuss all things marketing and public relations so that you can build
a plan to increase your revenue and build your brand.

Employee Retention/Morale

Finding and keeping great employees can be difficult. During this session we will spend time talking
about hiring, firing, and retraining employees. We will also touch on writing effective job descriptions,
designing a great employee benefits package and writing an employee handbook.

Using Quickbooks, Business Recordkeeping & Budgeting Basics

Numbers are important, especially when running a fiscally sound business. During this session
we will cover all things numbers. Learn to track your spending and your revenue. Learn how your
business is doing and where trouble spots are.

Succession Planning

Making plans for the future of your business is a topic that is often delayed due to the business
of running the day to day operations. During this session we will examine various exit strategies
and will cover how to ensure your business will continue in the event of death, disability or
retirement of the owner or a key employee.